Separator pages

As a recent convert to DTPO, I’ve been exceptionally impressed with its ease of use and feature set. One thing that appears to be missing though is the ability to include separator sheets into a stack of pages for scanning, so that a new document is created with DTPo whenever such a sheet is encountered. (Done in other EDRMS’ by the separator pages being barcoded).

Any similar functionality that I’ve missed or failing that, any chance that this is considered for an upcoming release?

Thank you for the nice feedback and the suggestion! This is not yet possible but we’ll consider this for upcoming releases of course as the new scanner interface is just the beginning.

I too have been looking at this functionality; clicking “split document” gets really tedious on a 50 document, 300 page, PDF file. I read this can be done on the scanner end on a Fujitsu but I believe it’s for their FI series scanners.

I’d like to know more about the new scanner interface and what that means for users. I’m looking to upgrade my current ScanSnap S1300M because it just can’t handle the amount of paper and I wanted advice to see which scanner would do best with DTPO.