Seraching in DT2 for tags

I want to achieve two things through the search window (Tools -> Search…) in DT2:

Search case 1: Finding all documents with the tag newborn-stage in all databases.

Search case 2: Finding all tags with the name newborn-stage in all databases.

I am a bit confused about how to do it: If i just type newborn-stage in the search window (no *Advanced… settings) I find the tags in the different databases displayed in the result list

How do I get my Case 1, all docs in all databases in the result list?

(Side note: I thought I’d get them with the simple search but as said above, I get the tags themselves which is Case 2).

Assuming you know the exact name of tag and don’t want to use the advance search entry, use prefix in the search field “tags:” e.g. “tags: newborn-stage”.

Use “kind is” in the advance search

Personally, I find myself increasing using advance search as entry except for the obvious one such as name:

Another way is to use the MacOS text expander to set the short-form of your commonly used prefix. Such as using “n:” for “name:”, “t:” for “tags:”, etc.

Thanks for your response!

But sorry, that does not work. In DT2 on the Mac I get no results with "tags: newborn-stage”. See this screenshot:

(I have the Advanced subdialog open to show that there is no advanced criterion set.)

But 10 documents are tagged with `newborn-stage’ (in one of the databases):


I don’t have DT2 installed to test, but I suspect that the ‘-‘ is causing DT to search for tags: newborn NOT stage. Try replacing ‘-‘ with ‘*’ and see if that helps.

My apology. I automatically assume that it’s DT3 while ur title clearly states DT2!

There are no search prefixes, e.g., tags: someTerm, in DEVONthink 2.x.

You have to use the Advanced options and set a Tag is criterion to match the tag.

Aaah, yes, of course! For Case 1 I have to keep the search field empty and set in the Advanced dialog the tag. - I hope these thing are a bit easier accessible in DT3 (which soon I will try out more!).