Serious problems after a crash of DT

Hello all,

I just updated to new version of DT, unfortunately the application crashed and it seems as if the database is gone. I get the error messages shown in the enclosed screenshots. I tried up to now:

restore DB form backup and repair & optimize: nearly 50.000 Files missing
rebuild DB: size before 24GB, after 1 GB :frowning:

Fortunately I have a three day old backup of the whole DB. But besides this: What can I do o restore the actual one?

Hints appreciatedā€¦

IĀ“ve huso realized that a part of the screenshot is not show. For the missing file it states ā€œNSPOSIXErrorDomain 2ā€ whatever this isā€¦
Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-03 um 16.36.31.png

A tip - always do a duplicate database before updating.

Not that I ever had a problem with DEVONThink but just a habit. Have too much vital information in my database.

15GB takes about 3 minutes to duplicate and it is a nice insurance. Still have it on TimeMashine but takes much longer to pull it from there.

I usually do backups on a daily basis, so IĀ“m safe :slight_smile: But IĀ“m not quite sure what really is (was) the reason for this.

I just updated, and no problems at all.

I do verify (Y) and backup and optimize (K) once a day, not sure if that helps.

Sehr Gut!

Where is your database located - the file path?

I also had a look at the file path. Maybe there is the source of the problem. The file is located on a cloud-station folder (synology station), path = ~/user/mg/CloudStation.
So the DT-files are automatically backuped to my NAS. Maybe that during the sync-process of Synology the DB of DevonThink got a bit confused.
I noticed some time ago that a few files were marked as ā€œmissingā€ the point optimization / repair. So I did a daily backup to an independent device from this time on (it was a good idea to do soā€¦).
Any hints on using DT-databases on automatically synced folders?

I tested to place my DT database on my Synology 416J but got problems when the NAS had to wake up from sleep - took 1-3 sec. to wake up.

Moved it back to my MacBook PRO and not one single problem.

But that is NAS in general, nothing to do with the latest update.

You should never put you DEVONthink databases in an automatically cloud-synced folder.

@JIm: Thank you for this advice. Then IĀ“ll do so in the future, I moved the databases to a stationary location and do the backup manually.

Glad to hear it. We want your data to be safe. Cheers!