Serious problems with 1.1.1

  1. Unable to sync. All syncs on all indexed databases fail after a handful of items. They just stall. I have never been able to get the sync to do more than 7-10 items before the deadly stall. This did not happen prior to the update to 1.1.1. There have been NO changes to my system, router, etc. that would cause this.

  2. Annoying red icon badge after sync. What is the purpose of this and why do I have to do a number of steps to turn it off?

  3. After update the app would not open. I had to sync my ipad, uninstall DTTG and reinstall it.

  4. Obviously without the ability to sync and no ability to sync via itunes DTTG is now useless.

The badge is the number of unread items, which is synced with DEVONthink. To mark all items as unread, go into each database and click on the icon that has 3 checkmarks stacked on top of one another.

I’ve emailed you to troubleshoot the other problems.

I’m having similar problems since the upgrade to 1.1.1: tapping my computer in sync section of DTTG does nothing even if I wait for 30 minutes. Tapping computer name second time brings up “connection error” message. Reset synch settings not making it any different. Options to reset everything in DTTG activated in system preferences doest totally nothing to improve the situation.
Hope you’ll be able TO POST the solutions on the web-site instead of privately advising each and everyone customer who is struggling with the same problem.
Hoping for quick reply Regards German

What version of DEVONthink/DEVONnote are you using? Have you restarted DEVONthink/DEVONnote?

If resetting DTTG didn’t remove your synced databases, your device probably supports multitasking. You’ll need to completely quit the app first. Here are those steps (in case you’re not familiar with the process).

  1. Double-click the Home button so the Multitask Bar appears at the bottom of the screen (and the rest of the screen moves up and fades out a bit)
  2. Tap and hold the DEVONthink To Go icon until the “X” appears
  3. Tap the “X” and click the Home button.
  4. Start DEVONthink To Go

I’m looking into this as well so resetting will work with multitasking properly.

While it’s not ideal, have you tried deleting and re-installing DTTG?

Let me know how this goes and we’ll continue from there.

I am having the same problem described above, but since I just bought my iPad (yesterday) and DTTG (today), DTTG neither contains documents nor accepts them and hence is useless.

When I open DTTG, my computer is listed as on the local network. If both DTPO and DTTG have both been started afresh, selecting my computer brings up the code entry window. After entering the code, DTTG does nothing. If I select my computer again after several minutes I get the Connection Problem notice. Occasionally on the next opening of DTTG, I get a notice of a Bonjour error.

DTPO 2.1.1, DTTG 1.1.1, MacOS 10.6.8

Could you send an email to and mention this forum thread? I’d like to send you a debug version of our sync plugin to see if we can track this down.