Serious question: Why do I need DTTG for?

I am a very happy user of DT Pro. Finally I was able to get my iPad and DTTG was the first app I bought. I did not have any sync issues, so that was good.

But I am not sure why I paid this 15 bucks for. No annotation, no renaming (even the txt files you create !), no deleting files (seriously?!), very limited choices for sorting, no clippings, terrible PDF viewer… It can’t even show me the annotations I make in other apps.

Ok, I can see all my files in the same structure as I have in my DT database. Ok, I can view those files. (95 percent of my files are PDFs or text, so it is ok.) But I can do all these and more simply with Dropbox! Its preview capabilities are even much better ! (I was surprised to see that it can preview my Orgmode files.)

So let’s say I am a guy who uses DT Pro to index his files which are kept in Dropbox. Is there a single reason to buy DTTG? (I am not such a guy but I am trying to understand the logic behind DTTG.)

I seriously hope that DTTG is improved extensively. Otherwise I will keep feeling as a beta tester who pays 15 bucks to do it.



I really do appreciate DTTG. It’s main advantage is portability. Often I take my laptop when working away but there are times I want a lighter option. I cash take files with me which is useful but mostl I use DTTG as a note taker.

PDF annotations would be good though!