Server Version 3.5 -extremly slow

I use since some days the server version of 3.5 in our intranet. This is a very fast intranet. But the connection is extremely slow. It needs up to 10 minutes, until the entries of database are visible.

Some questions:

  1. what to do to make it faster?
  2. Is it possible to use it directly via network access from my Macbook to the database
  3. On the access via server-function I miss the possibility to combine more than 1 tags. Is this possible?

You may ask in german or english…

Das kann ich glücklicherweise nicht bestätigen. Verbindung zum Mac mini (Server) vom iPad und iPhone innerhalb des WLAN ist flott und auch sämtliche Zugriffe auf die Dokumente sind problemlos möglich.

Do you use any proxies/firewalls inside the Intranet? How many items does the database contain (see File > Database Properties…)?

No, I copied the URL in the browser and accessed to Devonthink. When I use the separate HTML-Connect, it works much faster, I think it’s acceptable, but the connection seems no very secure.

Which browser & OS do you use to view the web interface?

Thanks for Reply, I use Safari.

And the macOS version?

What do you mean? Safari is Mac… :flushed:

10.14, 10.15 etc

Yeah, ths is Mac 2009 OSX 10.13.6 Quad core High Sierra