'Service' alias

I don’t know whether or not this is the right board, but here goes—my apologies if it is not. I have a specific items in Services that I would like to have available for immediate use by simply clicking on it from the desktop and wonder if it is possible to make an alias of the service? Or what would be a better way to do this? The specific application that I want to use is the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and there is a service item that when selected will look up a highlighted word in a DTP Office document, as I use this service quite a lot it would be good if I could have an alias or even assign a keystroke to it. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

It would not be possible to have an alias of a Service on the desktop because the very nature of Services is that they are contextual. Select some text in a document and the Service commands relevant to working with text are available from the menu. Select a document in the Finder and an entirely different set of Services are available, which are relevant to working with documents. As soon as you switch from a selected word in text located in a document in DEVONthink to the Finder, the Services menu changes as well.

You can, however, assign shortcuts to Services using System Preferences>Keyboard preference pane.

Thanks Greg for your reply, I thought that this was the case and I tried doing as you suggest but it did not work with the keyboard combination I assigned, then I realised that perhaps I has assigned something that was already in use. So I assigned a really odd combination and hey presto it works! :smiley: Thanks again for your help.