Service Menu clipping destination?

If the Sorter is available and DEVONthink Pro is not running, where do/should Take Rich Note and Append Rich Note send the text?

What about bookmarklets actions? Same?



Into this package:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink Sorter/Default.sorter

If DT is not running, commands in the Services menu (Take/Append Rich Note, etc.) and the bookmarklets will activate (launch) DT. The Sorter is bypassed in these two capture tools. The captured text will be sent to the destination specified in ‘Preferences>Import’, with the choices being Select Group, Global Inbox, and the inbox of the current database. The Sorter only comes into play if something is specifically dragged into it, or if a file is saved/dragged directly to the Global Inbox.

In addition, the Sorter provides its own service.

I almost always clip article titles (Take Rich Note) then clip other interesting parts of a page using Append Rich Note so the Sorter’s Service isn’t much help.

Right now I’m using DEVONthink Pro for “important” news articles—mainly radar blips beyond/below the U.S. Statistical Abstract.

For more mundane news items I’ve used Mori > MacJournal > Scrivener.

Now that tags are coming to DEVONthink Pro I was experimenting with using DEVONthink Pro for everything.

I guess I could clip everything to my Articles.dtbase2 and then move them to other dtbases.

Once a ~month I copy the Article.dtbase2 titles to a NoteTaker notebook ( using Tools > History > Articles so it seems like that might be a problem if the inappropriate articles remained in the History.

Also I clip some article titles from DEVONthink Pro to OmniOutliner (my to do list) then use the Lookup service to locate them later. It seems I would be able to successfully Search for stuff as long as all of the dtbase.2s were open.

Maybe I could have keep everything in one dtbase.2 with two major separate Groups, but how would I get a listing of new Major articles?

That’s part of my usage story (more in a separate post later). Any suggestions?