Service Scrubber and DTPro troubles


I was recommended service scrubber to help set a shortcut for appending rich notes in the DT Pro services menu. I installed service scrubber and made the short cut. All was fine, but for some reason the shrotcut no longer appears in the service menu. I have checked the info.plist in DT Pro and it has the shortcut set do why isnt it showing up in the services menu?

I tried sending a mail to service scrubber but they have as yet not replied.

So if anyone has any ideas Iäd be glad to receive them.


The issue seems to be only with DT Pro and not with other applications … for some reason DT Pro has taken a personal disliking to me :imp:

Service scrubber is probably patching the info.plist, maybe the file privileges are now wrong, maybe the syntax of the info.plist file is incorrect, maybe you have to log out and in again. If everything should fail, then just reinstall DT Pro.

But I would definitely recommended to use the Keyboard & Mouse preferences pane of the system to define a shortcut.


I can do the keyboard and mouse preference thingy … if I just figure out how … byt I’ll give it a go


I finally figured it out!

If you want to create a shortcut for the services “Append Rich Note” you must make sure you are not using a shortcut allready in use! (seems natural enough), the problem is knowing which shortcuts are in use :stuck_out_tongue:

I manually editet the info.plist and added

NSKeyEquivalent Dictionary Key/pair

-> default string @

which works very well

If I wish to append a rich note I use command+alt+2
and I am gratified with a nicely appended rich note … this way I can collect snippets into a coherent note.

In my opinion DT pro should have a built in shortcut for appending a rich note - it is the single most important lack as far as shortcuts go.

I hope this helps someone out.

My next step is to convince myself to buy devonAgent - I’m almost decided simply because I find devontech such an execllent provider of software and with an excellent support!

We’ll add a shortcut to the next release.

Thank you! Good support is in our opinion a win-win situation - it’s good for the customers and for the developers.

After some trial and error in which I found the first key commands I wanted to use for Append Rich Note were already in use by other programs, I’ve settled on command-shift-’ or (command-", which is much like ditto marks).


Isnt command - and shift command - shortcuts that are allready in use by safari??

I can’t say as I’ve been using DEVONagent and OmniWeb as my browsers. But maybe I’m misreading what you typed? The shortcut I use is command-shift-’ (command-shift-single quote).


My mistake, hadn’t noticed the “single quote”.