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I can not use webdav to sync with my DEVONthink

It would be really helpful if you provided some detail. An error message itself is not enough.
E.g.: Can you connect to your WebDAV service via the finder? What is your WebDAV service – self-hosted NAS or a commercial provider? In the first case, are you connecting locally, i.e. in your LAN, or over the internet?

As noted, the 503 is a server error, not a sync issue. The WebDAV server or service is not running or inaccessible.

I can connect to the WebDAV service via the finder, The WEBDAV service is jianguoyun , It is a commercial provider.I am sure that I can connect to the WebDAV service because I can synchronize some of the files.

But I can connect to the WebDAV server normally, and other software that depends on WebDAV can run normally. In devontothink, I can also synchronize some files to go. If the WebDAV server is not available, there should be no way to synchronize some files?

A 503 is usually a temporary condition. It is a server condition that is also reported by other cloud services and web servers.

Than this might be an intermittent error that goes away eventually. Depending on the server, on your internet connection…
Also, they reserve the right to limit traffic if your behavior is “unusual”. At least that’s what they say on the english version of their site – I can’t read Mandarin, so I wouldn’t know if it’s the same there.

Your provider is running a forum and a chat bot here:
maybe that helps.

Thank you for your reply. I will wait a few days to see if the problem will disappear.

Thank you. I’ll contact them to see if they’re unavailable, and I’ll take a break for a few days to see if things return to normal.

You’re welcome.
Hopefully it won’t take that long.

Also as a general admonition, if you’re running a firewall or software like Little Snitch, make sure you’re allowing traffic from DEVONthink.

The problem has been confirmed. My WebDAV service provider said that their WebDAV limit upload size is 500M. unfortunately, my total file size is 800M, so I changed the WebDAV service provider and now it works! Thank you for your help.@chrillek @BLUEFROG

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You’re very welcome. And thanks for the follow-up. :slight_smile: