services and multiple db

I’m surely missing something: Now, with the flexibility of multiple databases if one wants to clip text etc from outside of DT using Services…it will go into the open database. But, suppose the open one is not the one you want it to appear in, or you don’t have an open database file - is there a way to specify the target? I never thought about this until…I just tried to clip something and realized I didn’t know where it was going.



Concurrent open databases will come down the line.

Here’s a workaround to do what you want to accomplish:

[1] In your open DT Pro database, create a new group called “Transfer To…”

[2] Import your clippings, pages, documents into this that are really intended to go to another database than the one that’s open.

[3] Create a target folder in the Finder (perhaps one for each of your databases) that will receive material for import into a different DT Pro database.

[4] Select the contents of your ‘transfer’ group and select File > Export > Files and Folders, then choose your ‘transfer’ folder and click OK.

[5] Later, when you’ve opened the target DT Pro database, select File > Import > Files and Folders and import the material.

It’s a little like setting up mailboxes.

There’s a little routine housekeeping to do. After exporting material from the original database, delete the contents of the “Transfer To…” group. After youve imported the contents of the Finder folder to the desired db, delete the contents of that folder. Then you will be ready for the next round.

If the use as Default Database checkbox under Database Properties [command-option-P shortcut] is enabled then that database will be used if you capture text (e.g. with services) when DT launches. If DT isn’t running then attempts to capture text will fail if there’s no default database. And only one database can have use as Default Database enabled. Things will obviously change once it’s possible to have multiple databases open concurrently.


during the alpha-testing phase I sometimes used several databases and sometimes put all back into one, just because of the same reason: clipping.

After a while I came to the same solution as Bill did, with the small difference that my “Transfer to…”-group is called “Clips” :wink: It works fine, I can go on like that.