Services DEVONthink V.2 & Safari

Hello, I’m having a problem with DEVONthink V.2 Personal services menu in Safari - OS X 10.5.8… I’ve just started using V.2 after having used V.1 for many years in Tiger. If I use the Take Rich Note service etc. for DEVONthink V.2 in the Safari 4.0.5 services menu, the V.1 DEVONthink app will open in one of my Tiger partitions and capture the data; How do I get the running DEVONthink V.2 (in my Leopard Applications folder) to capture the data instead?

I reinstalled DEVONthink v.2 - the DT services are working in Safari as expected! V.2 is now doing the work… :smiley: