Services enhancement

I have really come to appreciate services in OS X. It seems that I cannot use an application that is not supporting services anymore. Transferring data between applications is wonderful. Circus Ponies Notebook software (a great match with DevonThink) has added a very nice new clipping service by using the right-click conceptual menu. You highlight something in any open Cocoa program and with a right-click up comes the Notebook menu. Notebook also allows for annotation of the item right in the conceptual menu with a "clip and annotate" command. This makes services clipping much faster and more functional. Could DevonThink incorporate this too?

Let me second this request/suggestion!  The contextual menu service offered in Circus Ponies NoteBook does something wonderful when used in Safari (and probably other browsers): it copies the selected text and pastes it to the destination notebook, and it automatically appends the URL of the source page.

That’s an awesome timesaver, and would be a great addition to DT, personal or otherwise.

Add me to the list of DT users who’d like to see use of Contextual Menus and expanded Services features.  Some type of support for Carbon applications that don’t use Services would be useful, too.

A contextual menu plugin will definitely come (probably in v1.8).

Thanks Christian.  I saw followups about it in later posts after I sent mine.  Now that I’ve caught up with reading the forum I’ll hopefully not post too many redundant comments/requests/questions. :slight_smile:

Is there an off-forum summary of upcoming features?  It would be easier to check that than searching for what’s already been mentioned here.  I’d also like to suggest an off-forum request list for the future that can be referred to before making requests here.  Such a list could refer to forum threads for discussion about them.  That relates to what I wrote in the Online forum vs. email thread.

Btw, there’s an extra ‘t’ in Newsletter on the main forum page.

services: i’d like import a webpage (i.e. from safari) via the service-menu and not just a text summary. as for now i have to take the detour via devonAgent to get the webpage into devonThink

No browser currently sends HTML source code to the services but DT is only able to add received data (otherwise DT would already use the HTML code). Therefore we’re going to add a contextual menu plugin to v1.8 so that it will be easier to grab web pages.