Services for capturing pdfs and bookmarks?

During the last days I noticed that I am more and more using the services shortcuts for adding rich and plain text notes from Safari. I was looking at the available services and noticed that there are only services for plain, rich text and web archives available. Is it possible to also have the possibility to capture pdf’s and bookmarks in Safari using a service shortcut? At the moment I use the Clip to DEVONthink plugin for adding bookmarks and pdfs, but I generally prefer clipping information into DEVONthink using the same method since switching between one method and another requires some “mental switching” ( I hope its understandable what I mean, I do not know how to describe it better in English :slight_smile: ).

Have you looked at the DEVONthink Bookmarklets? You can add these dedicated clipping services to Safari’s Bookmark bar, place them in the list somewhere in positions 1-9, and call them with a Command-(position number) shortcut.

I knew the bookmarklets.
But I did not know that you can activate them using a short cut from the bookmark bar. This is a good suggestion, thank you.
The only downside is that the bookmarklets (like the plugin) bring the DT app to the foreground. I prefer the behavior of the services. No app switching, only some bouncing of the DT icon (which I like since I get the feedback that it worked).