Services in Camino

The DevonThink–>Services FAQ page says the following:

“Why do the Services not work in Firefox?
Services work only in real Mac OS X applications based on the so-called Cocoa framework. Examples for Cocoa applications are, e.g, Mail, Safari, TextEdit, and, of course, all our applications. However, Firefox is a port of a Unix application not completely based on Cocoa. Therefore, it does not support Services. Try using Camino instead, a Cocoa browser based on the Firefox engine.”

Unfortunately, the “Take Rich Note” service is greyed out in my Camino, and the “Take Plain Note” service fails to copy the URL to metadata. Anyone have any success with using services in Camino?

The next release of DEVONthink will grab the URL from Camino but that’s all we can do - the Camino guys have to add support for rich text services to make “Take Rich Note” available.

I asked them about that back when I started using DEVONthink back in 2004. Sadly the told me not to hold my breath for that …! :-/