Services menu for Devonthink in different language

Moving to a new computer that is running macOS Monterey (12.1), I did a fresh install of DevonThink 3. I find that the items for DevonThink in the services menu in the Finder are not in my native language, English, but instead are in German. How can I fix this and make the services display in English? It is only the DevonThink items that are in German.

macOS chooses (or should choose) the appropriate language automatically as DEVONthink provides only the localized strings but doesn’t handle the service menus on its own. Does reinstalling the app or rebooting the computer fix this?

I should have thought to do a restart. When I did, that fixed the problem, DevonThink services are now in English. That sure was a lot easier than learning German!

Thanks for your help!