Services menu keyboard shortcuts erratic

I frequently clip text from BBEdit to DT.

About one time in three or four the [shift] [command] [9] keyboard shortcut fails to activate the service (menu doesn’t flash and nothing happens).

Manually selecting Take Plain Note from the menu works and restores the keyboard shortcut for a few more times.

Is this common or maybe an intercept by another application?

As Carbon applications have to implement service support on their own (contrary to Cocoa applications), that’s probably a bug of BBEdit. At least it’s not a bug of DT as DT doesn’t handle this shortcut on its own.

I’ve experienced the same problem when using the contextual menu to clip from Safari to DT Pro. Seems to happen most often after waking from sleep or after a long time spent on another program.

Are you sure it’s not the known issue, where after restarting a computer, you have to select the Services menu once off the menubar, before the keyboard shortcuts will be recognized?

I remember reading about that somewhere here on these forums, and it really bugs me that I can’t remember the way to have the keyboard shortcuts automatically available…


That’s a different issue and actually a Cocoa bug (up to OS X 10.3.5). But HotService (see our downloads page) fixes this problem :slight_smile:

Which contextual menu is that?