Services menu missing

Considering the recent problems with the PDFKit on macOS sierra, is this the reason for the missing contextual Services menu on the pdf preview files?
I select some text in pdf file, right-click and no “services” item available. The same happens with other apps like Preview and Skim!
Any idea?

(Note: I tried install the tool Excerptor and nothing works too -

Probably. We’ll check this.


BTW, Endnote do not recommend mac OS Sierra upgrade (more issues with pdf viewer…):

Just added services support to PDF views of the upcoming version 2.9.6. The amount of broken/missing features of Sierra’s PDFKit is simply amazing :imp:

Yeah. “Amazing” in that “makes my stomach a bit sick” kinda way. :cry: :smiley:

Sierra’s PDFkit… It’s possible to find this kind of problems in multiple apps that use pdf viewer - Bookends, Skim, Scrivener, etc.
Thanks for the attention and the support. Waiting for the next update.

DTP 2.9.6
Services on pdf viewer are back; improved links edition on pdf files…

I was exploring to use the Excerptor services.

Apparently, Sierra had a specific challenge for Excerptor, as its services would not appear when selected for text. Hence the Excerptor service was made a ‘general service’.

For me, this works both using Skim and Preview, however in Devonthink itself the 'general services are not appearing.
Is this something the Devonthink team has (some :slight_smile: control over?

Devonthink service menu:

Skim services menu:

version details:
Sierra version: 10.12.6
Devonthink Pro Office version: 2.9.16
Skim: 1.4.30

The services menu is usually handled by the OS. Are you able to use these services in DEVONthink if text in other documents, e.g. plain/rich text or formatted notes, is selected?

No, I’m also not able to select these Excerptor services when selecting text in plain/rich text files.

However when using an alternative editor, e.g. TextEdit or BBedit, these service do not appear also, hence they seem not to be active/relevant for this input?)

Playing around a bit more, the problem is broader than Devonthink, as the Exceptor services are available using:

  • Skim, Preview
    They are not available when selecting text in PDF in:
  • Devonthink, Safari, PDFPen 9.2.2.

My workaround now will be to use either Skim or Preview as editor opening files in Devonthink for using Excerptor.

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