Services menu

I do not seem to have any items in Services Menu after updating to 2.0. I have logged out and back, but still “No Services Apply”.
Any suggestions?

Services require that some text is selected to which the services are applied. Open a document, select some text, then look at your services menu.

Yes, I can see some choices now, but still seem to lack some. Only notes and webarchive. I recall having summarize and others.

I’m still on Leopard myself, but are you using Snow Leopard? If so, you’ll need to enable the DT 2.0 Services that you want to appear in the Services menu.

I’m running 10.6.2.and DT Pro 2.0.2. The only service that I can use for text is “Save to Sorter’s Inbox.” In the SysPrefs>Keyboard>Services menu, the only Service I can find is the above. None of the subsets of Services (Files & Folders, Text, etc) have DEVONthink in the name. Is there something I’m missing. I REALLY would like to be able to highlight text and send it from the contextual menu to at least a specific database, if not a folder, the way I can do with the bookmarklets.

Apple changed the familiar user interface for Services in Snow Leopard, which makes it more confusing.

Select some text, click on the application name in the menubar and choose Services. Do you see ‘Take Rich Note (DEVONthink Pro)’? If not, try a logout/login or restart. Then select text and look again.

Thanks. That did the trick. What I would really love to see implemented is having the option directly in the Contextual Menu instead of having to dig another level into Services. Nonetheless, this has really helped my workflow.