Services: Send To DevonThink

One of my other tools is SOHO Notes, which has a Service, “SOHO Notes Grab To” - allowing you to pick the folder within the current SOHO Notes database you want the selection, file, url or anything else copied to.

This is a great thing and makes the application very useful because it’s so easily accessible.

I also have DevonThink Pro 2, which I think I’m not getting the most of because it lacks a similar ease of use.

Does this functionality exist and have I missed it? If not, would you consider adding it?


We have an alternative way, go to DEVONthink and open the Tools > Show Groups panel. This will allow you to drop your selection to any open database in any group. You can even make the window visible all the time by keeping it floating above all others.

To a certain extent, you can use DtPro’s Sorter for that, but I like annard’s solution much better. The only problem with Show Groups is that it’s limited to open databases. If you use Sorter, you can at least get a file into the right database if it’s not open, although you’ll have to move it to an appropriate group later.

SOHO Notes is one of my favorite programs. I’ve gone back and forth about how to use both Notes and DtPro to their best advantage. Until now, I’ve been in the habit of dropping files onto the folders listed in Notes side dock. That way I could easily save a file without having either program open. Later, I export those files I want to move to DtPro and delete them from Notes.
With the addition of the Sorter, I think I’ll be able to skip that step and drop files on a specific database’s inbox. For the most part, I only keep those things in NotesI want to link to a specific contact in SOHO Organizer.