As a happy user of DevonThink for years I have collected thousand of sniooets from web pages as RTF:s using the keyboard combination in Services Shift-Cmd-). I have decided to try out also DevonNote, possibly using it for only word processing, to dos and colleting my Swedish language texts while keeping DT for my mainly Enlish language reference data base.

Still I am interested in collecting material from the web, invitations etc I get by mail (stuff I have hitherto collected in the excellent little utility Notational Velocity) etc.

My problem is that the keyboard combination used in DN to take rich (or plain) notes includes curly quotes that are not (at least not easily) accessible on a Swedish keyboard. Can someone tell me either if there is a smart way to use my keyboard to achive the keyboard combination or to change the keyboard combination.

While I’m at it I would also like to know if there is a way (except clicking with the mouse/trackpad) to move between the text and the file list and vice versa.

Thank you,


There are several utilities that let one create new keyboard shortcuts. Try a VersionTracker search for “keyboard shortcuts”. Some are freeware.

And check out System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts. It’s possible to set up shortcuts by application. You can set up a keyboard shortcut for a specific menu action in a specific application. It’s free!

The curly quotes should be available on almost any keyboard although sometimes hidden, e.g. on a German keyboard one has to use Cmd-Option-8 and Cmd-Option-9.

Bill and Christian,
thank you for the help. My mistake: it’s not curly quotes I need, but curly brackets. Anyhow, I’ve managed to change the command I need (take rich note) to cmd-* (asterix), which works fine with me.


Hi again,
I had a second question that I still haven’t found an answer to

In other applications, Mail for example, Tab is the key to use to switch between fields or lists and fields. Is there any way to do the same in DevonThink/DevonNote, using the keyboard?


Just use Option-Tab.