Set tags via document content

I’m looking for a way (setting/syntax) to define document tags within the content of my text- and markdown-documents.

For example:

## Briefing

Client: #AnnaC
Project Type: #WordPress #Design
Hosting: #SiteGround


I’d like that document to be listed with the Tags AnnaC, WordPress, Design, SiteGround.

I prefer to just write content and have DevonThink extract tag-keywords for me automatically (similar to the WikiLinks syntax), and not write an automation script to parse content + set tags for m.

Reason: I’m changing tags inside documents while the project progresses, like a Status: #pre-hire line, and I imagine that a scripted solution would be quite complex.

Is there a built-in way/syntax/setting to tell DevonThink what keywords in the content are actual tags?

Did you enable the option to convert hashtags to tags, see Preferences > Files > Import? This can be also done afterwards or on demand using Data > Tags.

Awesome :slight_smile: That option was disabled, and after enabling it, everything works exactly as I want it to work!

It’s great that Devonthink supports this process

I have a concern about manually typing full tag-names, instead of selecting from a predefined list
I like the wikilinks flow where we start typing and a list is displayed
I use a script to assist with inserting tag-names into content