Set up indexed folders for project templates?

I’ve created a project template that contains various groups, smart folders, and files. I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up indexed folders for project templates – and, if so, how I would do that.


Are you referring to indexing the same Finder folder in multiple groups in DEVONthink, group structures created via templates?

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Yes, basically. I tried to set it up the Index locations, and then run Export->as Template – but it didn’t stick.

Any other ideas / suggestions? Thanks.

Happy to provide additional info if that’s helpful…


Just following up on this… Is it even possible to do this? I’d love to incorporate indexed groups into a template… Thanks again for your help!

You cannot do this with a simple export of a group structure as the indexed group will be exported as well.

It would likely be possible with a smart template, but there is nothing built-in for this.
It’s actually the first request I’ve ever seen. What are you actually trying to do?

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Got it.

Here’s the thinking behind this… I typically use a protected drive for DTP databases, and they’re quickly filing up with big files. So, lately I’ve been using Indexed folders / groups for those heavier files. I’m also using Indexed folders / groups for these files because some of them are shared between two databases (which overcomes the limitation of non-replication between databases), and because it’s just quicker and easier for me to deposit these kinds of files into Mac space than in DTP.

I’ve created DTP project templates that contain a certain folder / organizational structure (with smart folders, a particular hierarchy, etc.) and, as part of that, wanted to have a set of Indexed folders / groups that would already be synced to a regular folder locations that I use. It would just help speed things up for me as far as having Indexed folders / groups incorporated into DTP’s project template. Otherwise, I’ve got to create and sync 10 Indexed folders / groups per each new project.

Hope this background is helpful. Happy to answer additional questions & provide more info. Thanks again for your help!

Just wondering if I’ve answered your question adequately, and if I can provide you with any additional information.

Based on my write up, would you say it is “likely be possible with a smart template” ?

Thanks again…

Still interested in pursuing this, provided it is “likely…possible with a smart template.”

In different but related vein, I’ve run Update Indexed Items several times, and it has actually deleted Indexed groups (just not the DTP side) – thereby forcing me to set them up again using Index Files and Folders… Any sense of why this is happening and how to fix it? Happy to create a proper service ticket if that helps.

Please let me know about both issues, whenever possible. Thanks!

Happy to create a proper service ticket if that helps.

Yes, if you could. It’s going to take a bit more investigation so getting in my queue would be helpful. Thanks!