Set up ScanSnap after the fact

When I installed DTPO (2.7.6) I did not set it up to scan to my ScanSnap S1500M. So now, when I open ScanSnap manager, “Scan to DevonThink” is not one of the choices.

What do I need to do to add this option?

Launch ScanSnap Manager. Click on the application name in the menubar, and choose Settings. If Use Quick Menu is checked, uncheck it. Click on the Application tab. Click on the button that displays the chosen application. If the popup shows DEVONthink Pro Office as a choice (listed as “DEVONthink”), click on Add or Remove, then on Add, and navigate to an select DEVONthink Pro Office. Confirm. Make sure the “application” button now displays DEVONthink as the selected application. If not, choose by clicking the button and selecting the desired application.

In the Save tab, leave the image saving folder as your Pictures folder. You may adjust the file name format as you wish.

In the Scanning tab, I recumbent the Best setting, as that will assure 300 dpi for captures that include color. You might choose Auto Color Detection as well, and Duplex detection. I check all three check boxes.

In the File Option tab, I set the format as PDF. If you are going to use the OCR of DEVONthink, leave the option to convert to searchable PDF unchecked (yes, that makes sense). Click on the Option button (I find add multipage copy to the sheet feeder and save output as a single multipage PDF).

Perfect. Thanks - as always - Bill.