Setting a label on a certain day

I have been using Things app and DT together. I am really close to only using DT and doing away with Things because I duplicate a lot of work. Here is what I want but don’t know how to do it. All of my GET IT DONE work is done in smart groups “Today” “Next” and “waiting” are the main ones.

Here is what I want but can’t figure out. On a given day, I want TODO#1 to have a reminder to popup on Monday 9am…that is easy using reminders. But I also want it to set the label to “Today”, at the same time (Monday 9am) so it appears in work for today, the most urgent. How do I do that?

There are two ways to approach this that come to my mind:

  1. You set the reminder to not display a popup but to execute a script. An external one because you will be using it for every reminder of this kind. That script a) displays a popup and b) adds the label “Today” to the item.

  2. You alter the Today Smart Group from using the condition “Label is: Today” to any of two conditions: “Label is: Today” and “Date due is: Today”. That is, if you are at all using the Today label independently from the reminders. If not “Date due is: Today” as the sole condition will do.
    Unlike the first suggestions here you do not have to write a script. But this might cause a whole re-organization of your workflow: How do you mark an item as “Done”? If you are simply removing the “Today” label this won’t work anymore when “Date due: Today” is a condition.