Setting custom meta data with smart rule for type "identifier" not available


I just saw that setting a custom meta data field with the type “Identification” doesn’t work via smart rule. As soon as you set the type “Identification”, the field will no longer be displayed in the list for selection in the smart rule.

Screenshot from smart rule settings with type text for custom meta data field “AzJV”:

Screenshot from smart rule config with type identification:

Screenshot from smart rule settings with type identification for custom meta data field “AzJV”


Is that on purpose?


Yes, that is intended. @cgrunenberg would have to comment on any potential changes in the future.

Ok, thanks. Then we have to add the values with Applescript. :sweat:

That’s currently intentional as identifiers should rarely (if ever) change. Just curious but how exactly do you plan do assign/use them? A text field might be more useful as that’s also fully indexed.

Thanks for the hint. It’s actually worth reconsidering whether I need the index for this field.

For my purposes (at the moment!), I just don’t like the fact that the values as stored in the dropdown menu when the type is set to (single-line) text.

For what purposes do you use the “identifier” type?

Personally I don’t use it all but it’s useful e.g. for things like ISBN or PubMed IDs etc.