Setting document creation dates


how can i set the document creation date? I want to be explicit in my meaning here - i’m keen to set a date for when the document (e.g. a letter) was created (better if it came from the OCR read of the doc!). This would be different from the file creation date - i.e. when the file was first made on the system.

Is this possible via the interface? If not, can a mod switch this to the request feature forum – because i totally want this feature please please please! :slight_smile:


It´s something I want to know, too. For the same reason.

come on devon thinkers… what’s the answer?

I use this script all the time, but being a script, I didn’t find any easy keyboard short cut to access it.

Using a third party macro program, KeyBoard Maestro, I created this shortcut:

Activate DEVONthink Pro
Click Mouse At (618,9) From The Main Screen’s Top Left Corner
Click Mouse At (819,163) From The Front Window’s Top Left Corner
Select ‘Set date…’ in the menu ‘’ in DEVONthink Pro

There are other ways to achieve this via keyboard I’m sure, but this worked for me. Cmd-shift-D will now bring up the window to change the date on my system. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Just save the scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2/Dates for example. Then define a shortcut by renaming the file (e.g. append “___Cmd-Ctrl-D” without quites) or by using the system preferences.


this changes the modification date, which is not useful for me. I want to set a ‘document creation date’ (not a file creation date). If this is not possible, then i’ll edit the file creation date… how do i do that?

I see this as another vote for typed document metadata :smiley:

Am I not understanding the proper terms?

Doesn’t that script change the file creation date?

Or is it only doing it in DTPO, and not at the Finder level?

For me, it works to have it tagged with the DTPO way of creation dates, because I use that to sort.

This link is now broken

Welcome @recipedude
That is a post from 12+ years ago.
There are mechanisms in place for dealing with document dates, etc. including smart rules and batch processing in the Tools menu.