Setting no AND / OR in "Operators" doesn't work as expected

I would think that if I set the “Operators” bitmask to indicate that a search engine doesn’t support “AND”, that would tell DA to compensate by issuing one search per search term and then combining the results internally. For example, if I type the following query in a plugin that has AND support disabled in the search engine:

I would expect DA to issue a query for “browser” and a second query for “firefox” and then combine them internally.

This isn’t what is currently done. Instead, DA just ignores what operators aren’t supported by the search engine. In other words, turning an operator off in the search engine appears to turn it off in DA too.

Can DA be made to operate more like my expectations?

I’m curious which search engine doesn’t even support AND. However, your suggestion wouldn’t work that often - searching for word1, then for word2 and combining the results afterwards will usually either return almost no results or poor results.

I don’t actually have a search engine in mind that doesn’t support AND/OR at the moment. The reason I was asking is that I was trying to find a workaround for the Namazu question I posted about yesterday and one thought I had was to tell DA that Namazu didn’t support AND/OR so that it would issue queries for each search term individually.

That’s when I discovered that DA doesn’t actually operate that way.

I was just thinking about this a bit more and despite your objection that few or no results would be returned, I think that my suggestion of doing the individual searches and combining them internally is still the right behavior if I’ve set the “Operators” bitmask to indicate that an operator such as AND/OR isn’t supported.

In such a search engine, entering a query of:

and having DA turn that into:

might be treated as a quoted string in that particular search engine and that isn’t what I wanted. I wanted “duck” AND “pigeon” and DA should do what it can to carry out my intention, not simply remove the AND and hope that’s what I really wanted.