setting print and display font size

I have been unable to permanently set the display and print size in my copy of Devonthink Pro Office. Display size has to be re-set for each folder entry and the print seems to be set at a very small default size with no way to adjust. It would be convenient to be able to “set” the print size for folder contents when writing/entering text or then printing that text.
If this is possible, please advise.

It would be helpful if you could mention the types of documents you are displaying and, especially, printing.

Some documents’ print settings can be modified in DEVONthink (e.g., text, rich text), others cannot (e.g., printing Word or Excel documents from DEVONthink). The latter because DEVONthink is using a “Quick Look” preview that depends on 3rd party software that cannot be modified. In those cases, it is best to use the native editor to open and print the documents.