Setting scanned document margins on ScanSnap?

I’m scanning a number of old hand-written letters with ScanSnap into DTPO. The documents are fragile, usually both sides, and I’m using a ScanSnap carrier sheet. The handwriting in most documents is very close to the edge, in pencil, on non-standard size papers (writing materials were scarce for this situation).

When ScanSnap makes the PDF it is cropping off portions of the document, cutting off the handwriting. I’ve set the “Carrier Sheet Settings” to “Carrier Sheet Size”, which eliminates the cropping but makes for large pages on which the text gets lost. Workable, but not the best solution. Auto sizing doesn’t work - that’s when the cropping occurs.

I realize this is not directly a DTPO question, but wonder if anyone has solved a similar problem of overly-cropped documents using ScanSnap?

As it happens, I recently scanned some old letters that used various stationery sizes, all less than 8.5 inch width, and several with handwriting across the full width of the page.

I adjusted the sliding page width holders to just a tad wider than the letter (too wide or too narrow may result in a jam), with ScanSnap Manager set for automatic page detection.

Some of these were fragile and some were wrinkled, so I fed them a page at a time, adjusting the width for different stationery widths. No problems, and the full page widths were captured in the resulting PDFs.

I set ScanSnap Manager for Black & White, Best (Slow). Some of the letters had faded ink, and I was pleased that the PDFs were more readable than the originals.