Setting the title from the loaction URL when receiving a document via the URL scheme?

I love the (by me finally understood) location parameter in the create... URL schemes. Perfect for creating a webarchive in one go from a URL I have in Drafts! Drafts encodes the URL as needed and sends then off something like


Works like a beauty! However due to the fact that I have only the URL in my draft the webpage in DTTG as “Unnamed”. Is it possible to tell Devonthink to add the title from the URL content to the document? Devonthink knows about the webpage title because it has just downloaded it with the page!

The title is automatically added when using this mechanism.

x-devonthink://createwebarchive? yields…

I tried it it with


When doing this in DT3 the document has indeed a the title “‎DEVONthink To Go on the App Store”. When I call this URL in DTTG the document has the title “Unnamed”. In both cases the content of the document is the same page.

Ahh… I missed that you’re referring to DEVONthink To Go.
The behavior isn’t the same in DEVONthink To Go so you need to specify the title or change it after the fact.

Ohhh, that’s a shame.

Why doesn’t DTTG add the title? Would be the logical thing to do, I’d say…

iOS ≠ macOS so the underlying technologies aren’t the same. This may be in a future version, but not at this time.