Setting title of notes captured from DevonThink

If one captures a note in Safari and also captures the identical note in DevonThink, the titles are set differently. In Safari, a note assumes a title based on the first paragraph of the material. In DevonThink, the note is titled in a way based on the web page name, as best as I can tell. I like to browse one particular site from DevonThink and do a lot of clipping on the same page - all the notes have the came title. Is there a way to change this behaviour so that notes are titled as in Safari? If not, is it possible to make a script that will change the title of all new notes, which are clipped from within DevonThink, to be the same as the first paragraph? Ideally this would be automatic and performed in the background for maximum convenience. I like to work from within DevonThink in order to make use of the contextual command ‘Capture Note’. It is easier for me than using the Services menu or keyboard shortcut from within Safari.

Thank you.


Just use the same Take Rich Note service - it’s also available if DT is the active application!

Thank you very much. I did find an alternate solution. The contextual menu is still my preferred clipping method. With a smart folder to capture new notes from ‘Today’, the new clippings are gathered in one place. After a session, they can all be selected and the titles changed with a Batch Rename Applescript.


This is the same way I use DTP. I want to take clippings of websites and put them in my database. I’ve written an automator task that captures a web DB, but it is slow and sometimes I don’t want the entire page. Among the items on my wishlist for DTP 1.X is a snapshot feature to call from anywhere and capture to DTP as well as a quick way to capture a document (Safari, Pages, Word, etc.) as a PDF to DTP (just like the print to PDF script, which for some reason does not work for me, but without the time waste of menu selections and button clicks.