Setting up a network between 2 Macs to sync databases

I am totally new to this idea of network syncing.

I want to sync 2 macs in our household. An Imac and a mac-book air.

The Internet comes through a WiFi connection. I tried adding the name of the WiFi, but it did not sync. Maybe I need to use some other server.
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No, your wireless network ID is not useful here. To set up syncrhonization by using direct connection between two computers on the same network, you can follow the instructions in Help – for example:

DEVONthink has to be open on both machines. I suggest reading though everything Help explains about synchronization.

I called Mac for instructions. Luckily I am still insured. Won’t be so lucky in the future. Bonjour is a program that works in the background of a Mac and nothing needs to be done with it.

Here is the process of setting up a connection between 2 Macs:

A. Finder/menu/go/home/documents/ Right click: get info : custom access : Read & Write for madonoellen

Do the same with documents on the other computer.

B. Open the other computer that you are inviting to share databases/preferences/sharing/ click on file sharing. Click on File sharing button. See the id number of this computer. Copy only the number. You don’t need the letters.

Open Devonthink on the computer to be synced. Open Devonthink preferences/file sharing

1 click on name of database that needs to by synced
2 choose sync method (if you don’t know, click manual)
3 click on plus sign/direct connection/ In the field (box) lavled Server: type in the number that you copied from Step B. (My port number was filled in automatically). Click on port number field.
4. click on ok

Now try out syncing. :astonished:

You only need to sync from one computer to merge databases on both. But you want to setup the connection on both computers, so that you can start from either computer. This works when you don’t have too much to sync. I have Yosemite on both comptuters.