Setting up a search in DA

I’ve tried to no avail to find help for my problem in the archives. Here is what I want to do:

I do genealogy and family history searches of the web. What I want to do is type in a person’s name and have DA return sites that contain the name. For example, I tried searching on the name Ebenezer Nelson Jarvis. I set it up in various ways according to the help file built into DA. The query that I used that worked the best was Jarvis AND (“Ebenezer Nelson”) (the ( ) did not seem to matter much). I say it worked the best since it did not find David Jarvis, Nelson, Nelson Jarvis, etc. However, what it did find were such names as Ebenezer (with a last name of most anything as well as Colonel Nelson and the like.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help please?

Using a phrase (“Ebenezer Nelson Jarvi”) or proximity (Ebenezer NEAR/4 Nelson NEAR/4 Jarvis) should improve the results.