Setting Up a SyncStore on File Transporter

I recently purchased a File Transporter from Connected Data. I’ve been syncing my Devonthink databases using a portable hard drive to hold the syncstore. Now, I’d like to use the transporter so I don’t have to remember to take the portable back and forth between home and office.

I’ve set up the syncstore by choosing “add new local syncstore” just like I would for any syncstore on my disk and choosing the destination to be a folder on the transporter. However, after the sync completes the syncstore size is always wildly different from the original machine where it resides.

For instance, I’ll create the syncstore in my home iMac and it’ll be 1.5 gb. After the sync completes it shows to be only 850 MB on the office iMac. And, yes, I am sure the sync has completed … or at least there is no more activity taking place with the sync app.

Is anyone else out there using the File Transporter to successfully sync with Devonthink? Is anyone else having the same issue I’m having?

I have contacted support with a feature request for a syncstore capability with transporter using their new api developer program in hopes that it’ll operate something like the dropbox syncstore. Until that happens, if it happens, I sure would like to hear from those of you with much more knowledge and experience than me about what I may be doing wrong with the current attempts to use the transporter.

There are only a few other threads about problems with the transporter but they are much different than what I’m experiencing.

Thanks in advance …


I think I cracked the code on this myself and thought I’d post an update for any who may be following the thread with an interest in the File Transporter.

It appears that the syncstore works perfectly if stored in the Transporter Library rather than the Transporter Sync folders.

For those of you looking at the possibility of a File Transporter in your future, the Transporter Library is a special folder that resides on the Transporter only. It does not sync to your local machine. But, if you have more than one Transporter it does sync that folder between Transporters. I have 2 and it does work correctly syncing the Library folder.

Storing the syncstore in a regular Transporter Sync folder does not work correctly for me. But, in my tests, saving the syncstore to the Transporter Library works on all my machines (2 iMacs & 1 MacBook) without a single problem so far.

So, in the interest of sharing information and closing threads, that is my experience.