Setting up DT for multiple user accounts

In my use of OS X I have a user account set up for each category of use on my computer (Personal, Work, etc.).

I would like to set up DT to allow me to share information across the accounts.

I have tried putting the databases in /Users/Shared but when I open a database in two accounts at the same time I get a message that this is not allowed.

Can someone suggest a way for me to set up DT to allow for this use and even (eventually) for multiple users on a LAN to share one or more databases.


Concurrent access by multiple users is not allowed and would ultimately result in a damaged database. Christian and Erie have long-term plans for a future enterprise version, which would address the many and complex logical issues posed by concurrent access.

You can access your database from your multiple user accounts sequentially, however. The database must be properly closed after access in one user account before it can be accessed by a different user.

If you need to share the contents of one or more databases with multiple users over a LAN, perhaps you should consider the Web Server feature of DT Pro Office, which allows multiple users to browse and search one or more databases via a Web browser.