Setting up New iMac

My last iMac died catastrophically. Skipping the sordid details…new machine, reinstalling software now on Hi Sierra. Time Machine is unhappy and not wanting to give anything up, but even so I want only to setup specific software and not use a complete restore. I have a large DropBox and iCloud collection and that worked well to retrieve my documents, downloads, pictures, etc.
I have reinstalled DevonThinkPro. There is a Dropbox Sync. I attempted to connect but the system wants a “Sync Store Name.”
The Dropbox/apps/DEVONthink/ location has a lock file, and directories “databases” and “transactions”. I can’t find anything that might remind me what name I might have used. Can you provide any advice?

If you are seeing Dropbox/Apps/DEVONthink, this is old Sync 1 data and incompatible with our new Sync engine. If this is the case, please start a Support Ticket.

I can do that. Is there another name I should look for just in case? I work on several machines and I know that I just recently encountered a Devonthink request to set up a sync. I just don’t recall from which machine.

And does anyone have a suggestion for a tool to dig into TimeCapsule backups?

thank you.

DEVONthink Packet Sync is the name of the location for our current Sync engine’s data.

thank you