Setting up sync on second computer


I’m moving to a new computer. I have installed DT and added my Dropbox sync store. The two databases I have on Dropbox are listed in the window, but I can’t select to sync them. When right-clicking, only “Import database” is an available choice. “Synchronize database” is grey, and not possible to click.

What’s wrong here?

Or is everything as expected – and Import database the choice I should make?


You have to import the remote databases first, assuming that you didn’t copy them on your own from the first computer to the second one.

Speaking of…
When transferring a large DTPO database (115k records, 100 GB) to a new computer, is it better to Import it via the Sync Import, or to open up a backup .zip on the new computer and then connect the two?

You should carefully consider splitting this database into smaller ones. Smaller, more focused databases will generally perform better, Sync faster, and be more data-safe in the event of a catastrophe (avoiding the “all your eggs in one basket” problem).

I don’t think you’re not going to gain much by the second method if you’re using a Bonjour Sync.
If you’re using a Remote Sync location, it would have the benefit of not relying on a cloud service / Internet (and the inherent limitations present).
A local syncStore would be a champ IMO.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s already pretty focused on just my narrow research interest - I just have a lot of sources. As for performance, I’m not clear how important overall database size is compared to the number of words (and records). A fair amount of my database size comes from 100s of unOCRable image PDFs (17C and 18C printed books) and several hundred PDFs of archival manuscript scans (100s of high-resolution images per PDF) - I create shorter RTF notes with links back to the original for context. Thus much of the size isn’t necessarily text - it’s maybe 75 million words overall. It is a bit unwieldy (especially with regards to waiting for the right-click context menu to appear), though I’m hoping my new MacBook Pro will help.
But I probably should pare it down somehow, when I can find the time.

It’s not an exact rule, but here’s my “comfortable” limit for a modern machine with 8GB RAM: 40,000,000 words / 4,000,000 unique words in a database.