Settings Devonthink

I don’t understand some details in the manual.

Select " DEVONthink > Preferences …" and adjust the settings to your
personal preferences. Select “Import > Images > Copy to database folder”

  1. The correct path of setting in this example is:

Preferences > Images and not Preferences > Import > Images ?

…if you want to make a copy of your pictures in “~/Library/Application
Support/ DEVONthink /Files/” or wherever your DEVONthink database
folder is located.

  1. I understand this

…Select “Copy in database” (files stay accessible even
without DEVONthink ) if you want to store the images inside the database
(more compact)

  1. I don’t understand the differenc between

“Copy to database folder” and “Copy in database”

…or select “Don’t copy” if you only want to link to the

  1. I understand this

By the way in german version there is following info in register images


Original referenzieren
Dateien in Datenbank-Ordner kopieren
Dateien in Datenbank kopieren

Jochen (.de)