Settings Menu broken in new DTTG

While the settings menu looks good when on the upmost level, when deeper inside, in the global INBOX, the menu is totally broken.

Not only it is cut and not everything can be seen, it can also not be scrolled at all.

Latest version of DTTG on iPad Air 3 with iPadOS 14.4

I can’t confirm that behaviour on an iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen.); I tried with both unified and non-unified inboxes, in portrait and in landscape modes. Does it persist after restarting DTTG and/or the iPad? If so, in both portrait and landscape modes? I note that your sliders are marked with 0 and 1, which mine are not. If this is a function of iOS (which I’m not aware of), does turning it off make a difference?

I checked on an iPad 12.9 and this behaves differently.

The menu is shown on the bottom, not in the top as on the Air 3.

But it is not cut off and shows that there are no hidden point on the menu, which was my impression on the Air 3.

So this is only a minor graphical glitch, not parts of the menu hidden and unreachable.

Only some strange behavior of the position of the menu and a slight cut off on the Air 3.

That actually depends on what is being displayed; so if you have a document open, the settings will only be available via the sidebar. If you are displaying tiles, then the settings will (also) be available up top.

I did only select the global inbox in both cases.

Anyway, it is only a minor graphical bug on the Air 3.
It looked like there was more of the menu missing