settings suggestions?

To give me an idea of how you pros set things up, I’d love suggestions on two forms of searches:

“fast search” of the internet, with the word ‘fast’ being a relative term here.

and then an ‘in-depth’ search.

my thinking on fast is have the plugins internet, feedster and meta crawler selected with no following of links (or maybe one level in).

for in depth, perhaps the same plugins, add google, and max out the follow links setting.

but i’m just kinda shooting in the dark on this.

Version 1.5 will include search sets very similar to your request: “Internet (Fast Scan)” and “Internet (Deep Scan)”. The first one returns few results, uses only the “Internet” plugin and does not follow links wheres the second one follows links (maximal level), uses multiple plugins and the maximal number of results.

so in the meantime, is the way i proposed setting it up about right? any other suggestions?

also, can you tell me what it does when in preferences i change threads and file size? I’m not sure how those parameters actually effect the search results i get. is there a way to optimize those to speed things up while still doing meaningful searches?

Well, “threads” just means “number of concurrent connections/downloads” (and therefore this option will be renamed in v1.5) and the faster your Internet connection is, the more threads are recommended to speed up scanning (but the number does not effect the results).

The max. file size option ignores pages/files larger than the entered number (as there are huge files/pages out there which do match almost every query on the one hand and slow down scanning on the other hand).

Therefore 256 KB is usually a good limit.

Devonagent commercial vehicle name is now 1.3
Is 1.4 Dead Before Arrival instead of DOA because of the announcement of version 1.5

We’ve just skipped v1.4 as the next release will be major revision.