Several Databases when want just one

When I select the DeveonThink Pro icon there is an option to Show all windows. This reveals 3 windows when I thought there was only one. Selecting two of them in turn seems to return me to the db I have been on. But the other says it is already in use. The databases are: Barry Jones In Search of Lost Time.dtBase2 (which appears to be the same as one of the other dbs and I thought I had got rid of it in any event). The other two windows are: DevonThink Content.dtBase2 and another one named exactly the same. When I select one of these, that is when I get the message.

How can I get things so that I just have one database (assuming I have one now and not just the one parading under three windows)? Also, I want to make sure that in getting rid of dbs that I thought I had already got rid of I do not delete any files I need.

Now although I have been mucking around with computers etc.for yonks I am still extremely stupid about all of this stuff. Would you be able to help me out in steps that even I can follow.

With very best wishes,

Both of the following statements can be true:

Multiple databases can be open, and the user can switch among them using only a single view window.

A single database can have multiple windows.

The point is, do not confuse the number of windows with the number of open databases.

Apparently, you have created and named more than one database. There’s nothing wrong with that; I’ve got a number of databases that I created for various purposes, and usually have a set of five databases open, plus the Global Inbox database. I’ve usually got several open windows, a couple of Three Panes view of two databases, a couple of search windows and one or more open document windows. I’ve set DEVONthink’s Preferences > General - Startup to open the windows that were open on quit, so that the windows I had open will be reopened next time the application is launched.

With an open view window, such as the Three Panes view, the left Sidebar (View > Show Sidebar) displays the Global Inbox, the Trash, the currently open databases, recent databases, favorite databases and global smart groups. You can open, close or delete a database by selecting it from a list in the left Sidebar and right-clicking to see the available options.

The databases you have created and named are probably stored in your Documents folder. Each of them has the filename suffix ‘.dtBase2’.

If you see the ‘in use’ message that’s an indication that either there’s a second copy of a DEVONthink application that tried to access it simultaneously (a situation that could result in database damage, so make sure there’s only one copy of any DEVONthink application in the Applications folder), or the database wasn’t properly closed when it was last accessed. For example, a database won’t be properly closed if the DEVONthink application crashed, the System crashed, there was a Force Quit or forced shutdown of the computer, there was a power failure, etc.

When the ‘in use’ message is displayed (and assuming two copies of DEVONthink don’t exist), press the Continue button to resume opening the database. When it is opened, it’s a good idea to immediately run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for possible errors.

It’s OK to delete an unwanted database. But only you can judge whether there is data in it that you don’t want to lose. If so, you can move selected items into another database.

Thank you for your informative and generous reply. I’m still working my way through it, so I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.

One more dumb question, if you please (I’m Australian!)
Dear Bill,
Forgive the imposition. I’m gradually sorting out my database. My database has an inbox in which most of my files and folders are presently located. Then there is a desktop in which a much smaller number of files etc are located. The Inbox and Desktop are in my Open Database that is called SumofPower. My Global db is empty. My question is: Should I move my files from the Inbox and place them in the Desktop folder or doesn’t it matter? Thank you for all of your help to date. With very best wishes, Garry Sturgess