Severe problem exporting from DA to DT; need help!

For some time now I have issues exporting from DA to DT in web archive format. Many of the results show a blank icon (see screen shot) and when I click on them the viewer is empty even if the URL correctly shows in the Info box. I had been coping by exporting from DA to DT in bookmark format and then using the “Convert URL’s to Web Documents” script but with the latest DT version, that script has stop working for me and nothing happens when I try to use it.

I desperately need help with this because I simply cannot work like this.

I just reinstalled DT completely and that script still is not working.

Does rebooting or reinstalling the script make a difference?

Stupid me…I forgot the most basic tech support of all time- rebooting and now the script is working. Sorry for the panic but I guess the work stress is getting to me.

Your support, as always, is the best in the business!

Sorry again but I still need to check the DT web archive export because that has been borked for a while…will let you know.