Share a database

Is there any easy way to share a database with someone?

Likely not in the way you imagine sharing files in Dropbox, etc.

Please provide more information about what you’re asking.

I would like to share an entire database with my wife.

You can do it via synchronisation or by server function.

Does your wife use the same computer with a second account? Then you can place a sync store in “for all users” (same level as the user accounts)

Then you can place a sync store in “for all users” (same level as the user accounts)

Note, this is definitely one avenue but… macOS’ Shared account can be fiddly with permissions (and has always been this way). So it’s possible, but may (and likely will) require some manual intervention.

If you’re using two different accounts on the same machine…

  • You cannot access the same database from two different accounts simultaneously. And we advocate a decentralized data model, where each machine (or in this case account) has a copy of the data and syncs to a commonly accessible location.
  • You can use a shared Dropbox account, i.e. using the same credentials, for syncing databases, but you can only use one Dropbox account for syncing DEVONthink. Collaborators often use a shared Dropbox account for collaborative syncing and another service, like iCloud for personal syncing.
  • (And this is for @MichaelHD’s and others’ edification too): You can actually use a Bonjour sync between accounts! One account acts as the server - and requires DEVONthink to be open with the syncing databases open - and the other account acts as the client.
    In fact, each account could serve its own databases to the other. However, you should never try to use more than one account or machine as the server for a given database.

For clarification: I wrote about sharing content via a Sync Store not by sharing a database. I would never store a database in a shared account (this may go well for a while, but there will be problems at some point).