Share ... Add to DEVONthink 3 ... format insanity

When importing content to DEVONthiink with the Safari Share menu, the results are seldom what was requested. Example: A transcript is accessed via Safari … I want to import it to DEVONthink as a paginated .pdf … I select Add to DEVONthink 3 from Safari Share menu, and then specify PDF (Paginated) as the format. Content is often not downloaded as a .pdf but appears in inbox as an HTML page. The opposite is also true - I can specify HTML Page, and a .pdf is imported. I know that I can opt to select Save pdf to DEVONthink 3 from the [PRINT] menu which seems to work consistently, but what can I do to correct the issue through Safari Share? I don’t see anything in the forum so I assume it is not a widespread issue. Thanks for any advice.

Why are you using the Share menu instead of the Safari extension?

Hi Jim,

Maybe I am and I don’t know it!

I’ve installed the extension.

By ’share’ i mean the “box with up arrow” icon found at top of Safari page that seems to be called ’Share’.

Click the nautilus icon in the toolbar. If it’s not there, enable it in Safari’s Preferences > Extensions.


The toolbar’s nautilus icon brings up the same import window as the “Share” icon I initially used. I’m happy to use the nautilus icon (i.e. the Safari extension) if that is preferable. Unfortunately, the result is the same … a HTML page was imported to my “To Read” inbox despite my having selected the “.pdf (Paginated)” option as the desired format in the extension’s import window. Perhaps I’m missing a step - please let me know if I am, but I had understood that one could select the desired format and DT3 would import accordingly. Sorry for this continued thread. I hope we can sort it out.

Is it definitely a HTML page (extension .html) or a bookmark (extension .webloc)?

Oh. It’s a bookmark extension - webloc. I’ll have to look up what that is. But it’s definitely not the .pdf I want!

Searching for “Clipping bookmark instead of PDF” revealed (among others) this post:

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