Share Button on DEVONthink Toolbar


I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to add the universal Share button — a box with an arrow out of it — to the toolbar. It’s been a white that macOS is offering this feature and most apps are adopting it. It’s available almost everywhere now, Safari, Finder, Pages, etc. What it offers is a set of Extensions that allow users to send data to their app. It’s working pretty much like the Share Extension on the iOS, where you can send data to many different apps, and they can trigger their own form to accept the data.

DEVONthink to Go has it, and it works flawlessly. I’d really like to see it on the Mac version too. On the Mac, it can be one of the menus in the Context Menu which is currently is missing. I can see that most of these sort of functionality is available through the Apple Script menu, but there is a better way to do most of those these days.


The sharing menu is currently available via the navigation bar right above the document view. But future versions will probably revise this.

Oh, I didn’t notice it. Thanks. It’d be nice to get a more familiar UX in future versions.


Sharing is not necessarily “a better way” to do these things. In fact, Sharing is a very limited option compared to what you can do with AppleScript and AppleScript capable applications.