Share Custom Metadata

Hello everybody sorry for my english i’m french speacker…

I want to use DEVONthink to order my documents I want to use it on 2 computer (and maybee an iPad) but my custom Metadata don’t be syncronised ! Could you help me ?

Which version of DEVONthink do you use on both computers and how do you synchronize them?

Hi, thanks to answer me… the version are 3.0.4 I download it yesterday !

I try to share with dropbox without success (if I can share custom Metadata i will work for that) so I just copy the files beetween the two computers.

Synchronizing via a Dropbox sync store (see Preferences > Sync) should actually synchronize the metadata setup too.

ok I try and answer :slight_smile: thank’s

OMG it’s working… yeeees ! thank you, you saved my day :slight_smile: