Share document to DT

I quite often receive an email with an attached PDF which I use the share button to send to DT. IN some cases this works fine but quite often I have to hit the share button say 2/3 times before it appears in DT.

I receive the following error "couldn’t be copied because you dont have permission to access “10”. or I just get a failed message.

As I say though if I keep hitting the share button it eventually works. Any suggestions?

Which app & which version of macOS did you use? Does DEVONthink 3 have full disk access?

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Mac version - 13.4.1 (22F82)

I have just made some changes to permissions i.e. given DT full access and it appears to be working for the last one I have tried.

I’ll see how I get on but thanks for the help…

Why don’t you just drag and drop the attachment, either to DEVONthink’s dock icon or directly into the desired location in a database? Just curious.

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Thanks, I’m not sure why but I think it is because I am generally in preview mode with a PDF and it’s easier for me to hit the share button than go back to finder or the original email…

When I have a PDF in Apple Preview (or sometimes PDFPen), i use the “Move To” command to move the file into the DEVONthink Global Inbox Folder. Easy.

Do you mean you’ve opened the attachment in Apple’s Preview application?

Thanks, I have just tried that and it if I am thinking right it is in the menu under file then I need to select a location. I’m not sure if that makes things easier.

Yes, Apple’s

Well, I’m sure it’s easy-enough for me! but I only do it probably at most a dozen times a day. :wink:

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You could also drag the document icon from the window’s title bar to DEVONthink. In some applications (e.g. TextEdit) the icon is immediately visible, in others (e.g. Preview) you have to hover the mouse first over the document’s title in the combined title & toolbar.


Just tried it now. Thanks I’ll use that from now on as a bit easier…