Share DT3 document to Fantastical does not include link back to document inside DT

I get confused between the scripts included in DT to share an event and the MacOS share functionality. Ideally if the MacOS share function works well I would prefer to use this but the MacOs share doesn’t always work as expected or desired.

As an example if I select a document in DT3 (current beta) and share it with Apple Notes I get a backlink like this:

with the file embedded which makes sense. However if I share a DT document from the Share menu with my favourite calendar app Fantastical, while the action does start the app and I can create an event, backlink to the DT document is lost.

Any tips or experience on this (or is this a Fantastical only problem).

I just tried this, there’s actually no link back in this case, the file is only attached.

DEVONthink provides currently only the selected files to sharing and Fantastical probably doesn’t support attachments. However, you can create a back link via Edit > Copy Item Link and insert it on your own.

Agreed - it that case the share function doesn’t add anything to the usual seperate procedure i) copy item link in DT3
ii) switch to Fantastical app
iii) create new calendar entry
iv) select URL field
v) paste link