Share Markdown text to Workflow app

Is there a way to share the text of a markdown document with the Workflow app? When I select the share sheet from a markdown document in DevonThink, then select “run workflow”, it seems that Workflow app gets the name of the document and a x-callback-url for the document, but not the text. I’d like it to receive the text instead.

Yes, it’s possible with the content query parameter. However, you’d have to get the text key form the dictionary and base64 decode it too.

Wow, how cool is that. - Thanks for all the integration work in DTTG!

Hmm. Can I get a little more guidance on this? I have been trying to get the uuid from the URL that is passed from DTTG to Workflow but I’m not having any luck. I think I’m not understanding some part of the process.

My assumption is the workflow will need to do this:

  • accept URL
  • somehow grab UUID from the URL
  • open x-devonthink://x-callback-url/content?uuid=UUIDFROMABOVE
  • decode text

Is this right? How to accomplish step 2?

You need to scrape the URL. This can be done with a Replace Text node.